Charlie Teo

Director: A/Prof Charles Teo AM, MBBS, FRACS Neurosurgeon

Charlie Teo has joined the GiverAUS community as an ambassador. It is our absolute honour to have the founder of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and such a world renowned Neurosurgeon represent GiverAUS.

Dr Teo is an internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon and a pioneer in keyhole minimally invasive techniques. He has been invited to many distinguished universities in over 50 countries as Visiting Professor, including Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and Stanford Universities in the USA, Marburg University in Germany and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Dr Teo has over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has authored two books on keyhole approaches to brain tumours. 

Alistair Murray

Managing Director & Partner, Ronstan International

Alistair has joined the Giver community! Alistair is currently the managing director and partner of Ronstan International Pty. Ltd. He has worked with Ronstan for thirty-nine years and was integral to the set up and success of Ronstan USA.

Alistair has had a very distinguished career and has been recognised for many different achievements and contributions he has made to the yachting and manufacturing industry. To highlight just a few of these distinctions Alistair:

  • Was the recipient of the “Victorian Governor’s Award” in 1989 for outstanding contribution to export by an individual
  • Was awarded Federal “Centenary Medal” 2003
  • Was inducted as an individual into the Victorian Government Manufacturing Hall of Fame in May 2008
  • Was recipient 2010 “Yachting Australia” Sport Professional Award

We are so excited to have such an experienced businessman as part of our Giver team and as an ambassador for our app.